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Disc 1 - Green: Confronting the Issues of Substance Abuse (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 2 - Patrick: Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 3ABC - Blattmachr: The Right Answer: SPLATs VS. GRATs: What Is a SPLAT and Why is it Superior? (3 CD's) $117.00
Disc 4 - Jones: The Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Turns 30: Let the Taxable Termination Begin (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 5 - Doyle, Israel & Zwicker: Can You Trust a Trust: The Intersection of Estate Planning and Family Law (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 6 - Schiller: Income Tax Basis Consistency Rules and Compliance (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 7 - Appleby: Rollovers and Tranfers for Employer Plans and IRAs: Before & After Death Legalities & Practical Tips (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 8 - Wu: Fixing Broken Trusts Diversity & Democracy: The Future of the Rule of Law (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 9ABC - Pennell: Professor Pennell's 2016 Review and Analysis of the Current Tax & Estate Planning Developments (3 CD) $117.00
Disc 10 - Susskind: The Future of the Legal Profession: How Technology is Changing the Way Lawyers Work & Provide Service (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 11 - Bimberg: WS#1 California 2016 Legislation Affecting Estate Planning, Trust, Probate, Conservatorships & Guardianships (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 12 - Jones: WS#2 Recent Retirement Benefits Developments Affecting Estate Planning & Administration (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 13 - Schiller & Schooler: WS#3 Practical Workshops with Estate Tax and Gift Tax Return Compliance (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 14 - Gorini: WS#4 Gun Laws: A Guide to Laws Affecting the Transfer of Firearms (Trust Form) (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 15 - VonHerrmann: WS#5 Estate, Tax & Estate Planning for Same Sex Couples (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 16 - Lebeau: WS#6 California Real Property Taxation: Change in Ownership in the Parent Child Exclusion (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 17 - West: WS#7 Death with Dignity: The California End-of-Life-Option Act (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 18 - Lucina & Welsh: WS#8 Through a Glass Darkly: Determining Settlor's Intent in Construing Long Term Trust (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 19 - Walker: WS#9 The Real World Impact of Trust and Estate Litigation Funding: A Fiduciary Case Study (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 20 - King: WS#10 Review and Discussion of Elements and Fiduciary Income Tax Provisions (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 21 - Lebeau: WS#11 California Real Property Taxation: Change in Ownership Legal Entities (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 22 - Agle & Majchrzak: WS#12 "Can We All Just Get Along?" Civility Integrity and Professionalism (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 23 - Ratner: WS#13 Drafting Revocable Trusts with Long-Term Care Planning Provisions (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 24 - Blattmachr: WS#14 Estate Planning for Indivisuals with Less than $10 Million (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 25 - DeLeo: WS#15 Ethics, Rules and Social Media: What are the Ethical Issues for Practitioners When Using Social Media? (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 26 - Donaldson: Unwinding Estate Plans because of Changed Circumstances (1 CD) $39.00
Disc 27AB - Martino, Slenn & Zabransky: Third Party Settled Protective Trust and Creditor's Right in State Courts and Bankrupty (2 CD's) $78.00
Disc 28AB - Lange: Using Tax-Free Income to Prepare for Death of the Stretch IRA: Protect Your Clients; Retirements Savings (2 CD's) $78.00
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